ecurity is a popular topic in the news today. Staying safe and keeping your information and data secure is a must, with third party data breaches happening almost daily. It is no longer just a matter of choosing a unique password anymore. If one company that stores your password and email gets breached and you reuse that password, all those accounts are likely compromised.


How To Stay Safe?

The best ways to stay safe online involve just common sense. It really is that simple, not reusing old passwords, updating your computer, updating antivirus/malware, being cautious of the websites you visit. A vast majority of breaches to user information happen because of a breach at a third party company that you use. Any company you sign up with email and password will store your data. We have seen billion-dollar conglomerates have massive breaches so if it’s a matter of money they don’t put it in the right places. One of the best ways is to not reuse passwords, the example above a third party company gets breached and you use the same email/password at all other services you use. They have bots that will run through and try that combination of email password for all known accounts until they finally get in somewhere then they can pivot further once they get the initial access.


What We Think

At Swifty Nodes, security is in our DNA so to speak. It is our biggest ally and biggest fear. It can keep you safe from catastrophic events or be your downfall. The only thing between the two is how you as a company or home view security and privacy.


Security does not have to cost a lot of money, depending on the situation. Home residential is far easier to protect, not to say business is not. The biggest key is to identify your weak points then begin filling those holes until there are none left. Security is a constant game and ever-changing. It will always get more advanced, and people will consistently circumvent those new securities. That is the way of the web keep in mind common sense goes a long way in keeping you safe.

If you have any security concerns with your home residential or business please contact us now. Your credit card information and anything you enter online could be at risk. Let use make sure you’re secure. One time checkup or monthly monitoring services we have an option for every home or business user.


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