Email is one of if not the most essential aspects of business, more often home use now. The rise of the internet has turned everyone’s pockets into walking computers. Email controls how we do business, set meetings, find clients, talk with family and friends. That is why it is so vital to choose the appropriate email provider.


Why Does It Matter?

All Email Providers do not provide the same level of service. I see far too many of our clients using their shared WebHost as their business email provider. Every time I see this, I can’t help but think of what happens when that host goes down or loses that shared hosting drive? They clearly state in their Terms Of Service that they are not liable for backups and do not keep backups of your data. You are responsible for that, which most if any of the clients we’ve worked with even knew.


What We Think

As a Microsoft Partner, we always recommend Microsoft Exchange for reliability, security, backups, and greater control and tools to manage your business email. Get more insights into your email with a traditional email provider. The email you use on your shared WebHost is a ticking timebomb and could be damaging your website and email reputation.

At Swifty Nodes IT Solutions we are experts when it comes to email support, migrations, anything you need we’ve seen and done. The added benefits of choosing Microsoft as your email provider depending on the package you will get the Office products included with your email subscription.


If your business is not big enough to pay the cost of Microsoft we also have cheaper alternatives we can recommend that are just as safe and secure. No matter your budget there is no reason not to be using a traditional email provider.

If you’re still sending emails from,, etc. contact us now and see how fast and easy it is to use your company name for your email. You will improve your professional appearance and reputation.

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